New Market: Bhopal’s Best Bazaar

I simply love New Market. It is in the heart of the capital and in just a circle of less than 1 sq km, you have hundreds of shops that sell you alpin to aeroplane, as the idiom goes.

I don’t think there is any such market anywhere else. You can stand for hours at the Top N Town (the owner is crorepati and that makes me jealous of the guy) and like a tapori watch the world around.

Have food at Hakeem, a great non-veg hotel where the real mughlai taste beckons you. The bustling market, the subzi mandi, the huge temple and a big mosque all make this tiny market a perfect place.

Apart from khana, peena, tafreeh, you get the pulse of the city. The best part is that you don’t need to run wildly to answer nature’s call as Sulabh exists and also the corners where you just simply let loose. Hats off to the spirit of New Market. Howzzat!

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11 responses to “New Market: Bhopal’s Best Bazaar

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  5. it’s a very worst market of bhopal that no one want to go there only rubbish people want to go there @ purchase cheap things

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  7. new market is a worst market in india

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